Modern Foreign Languages

Meet the Team

Mr D. Caisley – Subject Leader, MFL
Mrs. A. Relph – Teacher of German (Wednesdays only)
Mr R .Miller – Director of MFL (OGAT)

Overview of Modern Foreign Languages

The modern foreign language department are a hard-working, experienced and committed team who strive to make language learning a stimulating and rewarding experience. We offer specialist teaching in German across Key Stages 3 and 4. We believe that Modern Languages are a vital skill in today’s world and that all students benefit from the study of languages.

Overview of the Year for German at Key Stage 3
Students study French or German for two hours per week for the first two years at Outwood Academy Bishopsgarth. They learn to understand and communicate at a basic level in the foreign language through a wide variety of different activities.

Throughout Key Stage 3, we aim to build up students’ language skills. We develop students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills together actively promoting cultural awareness. We utilise a wide variety of authentic resources, including video and podcasts, together with Kerboodle online resources to support student learning.

Overview of the Year for Modern Foreign Languages at Key Stage 4.
At Key Stage 4, we continue to build on students’ skills from Key Stage 3. Students in Year 11 complete AQA GCSE German (4665). The course requires students to complete two controlled writing assessments (30%) and two controlled speaking assessments (30%). The controlled assessments are staggered throughout the course so students have the opportunity to build upon their listening and reading skills. At the end of the course, students take a listening (20%) and a reading (20%) examination. Each skill is tiered at foundation or higher level.

Students in Y9/Y10 complete AQA GCSE German (8668). This new GCSE specification is assessed by final exams at the end of Year 10, which test students on the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Further reading and information on the curriculum content studied can be found at:

Our aims:
We want all students to aspire to:

• develop students’ ability to use language to communicate well.
• stimulate student interest and enjoyment in learning a language.
• encourage students to achieve their language potential.
• develop an awareness, understanding and tolerance of others and other cultures, even more important in our post-Brexit world
• acquire life skills, such as social skills, analysing, expressing ideas, memorising, drawing inferences.
• develop self-reliance through independent work and team skills through group and pair work.


• 75% of the world’s population do not speak English and 60% of British trade is with non-English speaking countries; 1 out of 5 UK companies lose business because of language barriers.
• “In general, having languages on your CV can move your career along quicker – 2 years ahead of the crowd” British Chambers of Commerce.
• Having a language qualification makes you far more attractive to employers of all kinds and gives you a unique selling point making you, not just more employable but also giving you more job security.

MFL Enrichment
Our students’ success is very important to us – we offer Booster and Intervention sessions for our GCSE students, currently on a Wednesday afternoon.

Useful Links
The following links are excellent additional resources to support the learning of our students:

GCSE Bitesize
Languages Online*

*Students require a username and password to access these websites.