Total Recall - developing cultural capital and curriculum knowledge


Did you know…

...the technical name for the hashtag symbol is octothorpe?

...that Saudi Arabia is the largest country without a river? iPhone contains more than half of the chemical elements in the periodic table?

These are all facts that students have been learning in tutor groups as part of Total Recall this term, one of our approaches to developing the cultural capital of our students. Cultural capital is the social and cultural knowledge that helps us to make progress, broaden our understanding of the world, and develop an appreciation of human achievement and creativity.

Each week in tutor groups, our students learn about key ideas and facts that extend beyond, yet complement, our curriculum taught in lessons. Tasks are included within each session to support recall of knowledge, with quizzing the following week to check and support retention. Prizes are awarded each week to those students who have achieved 100% in quizzes or made the biggest improvement in scores.