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The study of Geography is vital, as it offers not only an excellent understanding of the many ways that the world has developed and changed over time, but also a greater understanding of the world we live in today.

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Miss Natalie McDermott

Teacher of Geography

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Miss Karen Slack

Teacher of Geography

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Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3, students will gain a deeper understanding of Geography through the teaching of a variety of topics where there are opportunities to develop many skills including map skills, literacy, numeracy and decision making among others.
Each topic is designed to be engaging and relevant to students addressing current issues where appropriate.
Praising Stars assessments will be completed once per half term to determine the level of understanding each student has on each topic. Each assessment will be different with most taking on a format that will prepare students for the exams they will encounter at Key Stage 4.

If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact: Miss Natalie McDermott, Head of Department.

Key Stage 4

In Geography, students have the opportunity to develop: − communication skills − graphical and cartographical skills − technological skills, including ICT and GIS − interpersonal skills through debate and discussion − literacy and numeracy − problem solving skills − entrepreneurial skills and awareness of career possibilities. There are opportunities for personalised and independent learning and allow the development of ‘awe and wonder’ which will allow students to fully appreciate and learn from the world around them.