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As a department we have a variety of teaching experience and have spent time living and working abroad. We are enthusiastic about our subject and keen to ensure that our students develop a love of learning another language and about other cultures and traditions.
We offer specialist teaching in German across Key Stages 3 and 4. We believe that learning Languages is a vital skill in today’s world, even more so than ever before, and that all students benefit from the study of languages.

During both the KS3 and KS4 curriculum we will be developing the four skill areas; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our aim is to provide exciting opportunities for students to develop their confidence, improve their independent learning skills and to foster a love of other languages and cultures. We do not use a course book as our lessons are based on a wide range of resources. Students will be set homework on a regular basis using a variety of methods, including the Vocab Express website, but we also encourage students to develop their language learning skills using other methods such as flashcards, www.memrise,com, www.quizlet.com amongst others.

Key Stage 3

The German course at Key Stage 3 provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to access the GCSE courses in Key Stage 4. In Year 7 pupils cover a variety of topics and they learn to understand and communicate at a basic level in through a wide variety of different activities. In Year 8 we continue to build on pupils’ acquisition of language by covering the topics below and using the skills, grammar and higher level structures which are required for the GCSE.

We develop students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills together actively promoting cultural awareness. We utilise a wide variety of authentic resources, including video and podcasts, together with online resources to support student learning.


Students will be assessed at the end of the three years in four skill areas each worth 25% of the final grade.
If you would like further information about the topics, themes or assessment for this course please contact:

Key Stage 4

AQA GCSE (9-1) in German (QN 6018159X)
We currently use the AQA specification which covers three overarching themes:
Theme 1 – Identity and Culture
Theme 2 – Local, National, International and Global
Theme 3 – Current and Future Study and Employment
This new GCSE specification is assessed by final exams at the end of the course, which test students on the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking

Further reading and information on the curriculum content studied can be found at:

AQA GCSE German (new spec) is assessed in the following way:


If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact:

Useful Links
The following links are excellent additional resources to support the learning of our students:

GCSE Bitesize
Languages Online

*Students require a username and password to access these websites.

MFL Enrichment

We are currently offering:
KS3/KS4 German Film club enrichment on Wednesdays in MFL1 (2.30pm-3.30pm)
KS4 (Years 9 & 10) enrichment on Thursdays in MFL1 (2.30pm-3.30pm)
Year 11 German intervention on Fridays in MFL1 (2.30pm-3.30pm)