Tutor Groups

A tutor group is a horizontal pastoral group consisting of students from the same year group with a tutor.

There is a 20 minute session at the start of every day. Tutor groups represent countries and continents allowing us to create opportunities for inter-form competitions.

Once a week there is an assembly, which are attended by all continents which focus on key elements of the Learning Model, topical issues or national days.

There are a variety of activities per week, with a focus on literacy, numeracy, Pledges, SMSC, attendance and topical issues.

Each tutor group has elected representatives which feedback to the Student Voice meetings every half term on key issues addressed by the student population.

Year 7

Students are assigned to tutor groups randomly, however, they will be mixed with students who they have been to primary school with. We do not match students with their friends as this does not support the ethos of everyone working together to buddy up in tutor groups. It also becomes tricky to meet everyone’s needs and therefore a random approach is taken.