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Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Please follow the link to our updated risk assessment


IHCP Screening form

If your child has a diagnosed medical condition whereby they are required to have medication administered in the Academy, an individual healthcare plan must be completed.

To ensure your child has the relevant plan in place, we request you complete the questionnaire below to determine whether or not your child requires an individual healthcare plan.

Please be aware - we can only administer medication which has been prescribed by a medical professional and cannot be taken around school hours.

Should your child require an individual healthcare plan, we will be in touch to arrange an appointment.

Please can you complete the form in the link below:


Helping your child to manage their wellbeing

Supporting your child’s wellbeing through COVID-19.

In order to support your child and family members at this challenging time OGAT has produced a range of resources and access to key organisations who can offer support. These can be accessed by clicking on the green bar titled Mental Wellbeing below.



Literacy in the Academy

‘Word of the Week’ is part of the Academy’s ongoing strategy to improve students’ literacy. Students are being taught the importance of language and the need for a good vocabulary, both for their school work and as an essential life skill. There is an Academy WOW each week, displayed around school and on the website, and its use is reinforced by VMG tutors and in school assemblies. The word is designed to make students confident in their use of a range of complex words and their meanings, in a drive to improve student articulacy to even higher levels.

“As vocabulary is reduced, so are the number of feelings you can express, the number of events you can describe, the number of the things you can identify. Man grows by language.” – Sheri S. Tepper

Word of the Week


Spelling of the Week