Guidance for Year 11 throughout the Coronavirus pandemic

We are aware that is a really worrying time for you all with so many unanswered questions. This page aims to help you access post 16 providers, links to key websites and the opportunity to ask questions.

There are a number of providers and key websites that you may wish to research. Click on the images to the right of the screen and/or follow the links below.
If you have any questions please use the form at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch with you asap.

What we know so far

  • Schools are shut until further notice. The Government has reviewed the initial 3 week phase and taken the decision to implement the social distancing and lock down guidance until at approximately 7th May
  • All exams, including GCSE and A Levels have been cancelled. The current guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) on how grades will be calculated can be found here DfE Exam Guidance. It is therefore vital that you continue to complete work set by your teachers including any exam questions or coursework. Based on the current Government guidance on how grades will be calculated please see the letter below which outlines this.
  • We appreciate that some Post-16 providers may be asking you to submit your latest GCSE predictions. If this is the case then please use your Prasing Stars 3 information. It is important to let you know that Ofqual have told us that the assessed grades for your GCSE grades need to be confidential and teachers will not be allowed to share these grades withstudents. Therefore, please do not ask us for these grades or your Praising Stars 4 information. We have been asked to send them directly to Ofqual in June.
  • Prom – we will hold a prom for you, whenever that may be. You have all worked incredibly hard throughout your time with us and we look forward to celebrating with you – it will be even more special following the hard times we currently face.
  • We will keep you informed. Your parents/carers will receive updates via text message and our facebook/twitter pages are regularly updated too.
  • Links to providers:
    Middlesbrough College
    You can email the team at Middlesbrough College via this address:
    Stockton 6th Form
    Stockton Riverside and Bede Sixth Form
    Careers Inc
  • Application process for post 16. The providers we have spoken to have said that the application process itself hasn’t changed and that online applications are still to be made. In terms of interviews, it may well be that a telephone interview is held in the first instance with the opportunity to visit and have a more formal interview when providers are back up and running. There are some interview tips here

A Guide on how do I decide on a career path?


Middlesbrough College has released a newsletter and a blog on how to effectively work from home for you to access


Student Blog – how to work from home


If you have any questions at all then please contact us here

Alternatively visit the National Careers Website...

For more information relating to provider access, please see our Provider Access Policy by clicking here...