Inclusion Quality Mark

Fri 07 May 2021
Inclusion Quality Mark - recognising our work as a community school.

We are delighted that our commitment to include and support all students has been recognised by the award of the Inclusion Quality Mark Inclusive School Award following a rigorous process led by an external assessor. The IQM Inclusive School Award evaluates the strategic approach, use of resources, and impact of our work and the assessor’s report highlights our shared vision:

‘There is a very clearly detectable energy and commitment among staff to continue to improve provision and increase opportunities for their community by enabling students to make as much progress as possible and to achieve highly. The school has placed a focus on meeting the needs of all students, which are comprehensive and wide-ranging.’

In always putting students first, we demonstrate what is most important to us as a school, and this was recognised during the IQM awarding process:

‘The passion of staff and of the governors whom I met in striving to create a learning haven where children want to be was clearly evident. The students I saw were positive, honest and happy with their school. They were motivated by praise and rewards systems and showed aspiration.’

We are proud of all of our students and staff and look forward to building on the award of the Inclusion Quality Mark Inclusive School Award as we have been recommended to progress to Centre of Excellence status.